9 Jun 2019

Review: Emmie and the Tudor King

'' Of course, it was dangerous. It was majorly playing with fire, and I could already see myself getting burned to a crisp - probably on a sixteenth-century stake. ''

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

From Goodreads:
One moment, Emmie is writing her high school history paper; the next, she's sitting with a gorgeous 16th-century king who vacillates from kissing her to ordering her execution.
Able to travel back to her own time, but intensely drawn to King Nick and the mysterious death of his sister, Emmie finds herself solving the murder of a young princess and unraveling court secrets while trying to keep her head on her shoulders, literally.
With everything to lose, Emmie finds herself facing her biggest battle of all: How to cheat the path of history and keep her irresistible king, or lose him—and her heart—forever.

Waking up on a field with no memory of how you got there can be terrifying. Waking up on said field over four hundred years in the past is even more so. 
Emmeline Grace just wanted high school to end so she could go to the design school of her dreams and become a famous jewellery maker. She finds a gorgeous ring at a yard sale and purchases it on a whim, thinking she could make something new with the material. The ring comes with a curse of throwing its wearer back to the past to its original owner. The owner is the infamous Tudor King, Nicholas the Ironheart, coincidentally the very same person Emmie's history project is about. 

Historical fiction has always been a favourite genre of mine, especially when there's a romance aspect involved. The book is all of those. Following Emmie's journey through the Tudor court and trying to navigate through her high school life was addicting. It was fun to notice how the author has tied together history with her own creations and then as a reader trying to guess what would happen next.

Emmie herself grows as a character the most in the book. She realises she shouldn't come as second all the time to her best friend and that her own interests and hobbies are equally important. She tries to change history without altering it too much to cause changes in the present day. When Emmie faces obstacles in the Tudor Court, she won't give up but chooses to work through the difficulties to reach her goals.

The book is definitely for those who enjoy a time-travel historical romance which seems a little impossible when thinking about it, but the characters somehow make it work. The open ending was a bit frustrating since I really wanted to know how the story continues from there. Meaning, I really want to read the second book if there ever will be one!

Emmie and the Tudor King is out on June 11th 2019 and you can purchase your own copy here!

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