9 Apr 2019

Mini-Review: Cassidy (Hotel #2)

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

From Goodreads:
There is no better remedy for a broken heart than a holiday with your sisters. Holly Claire arrives in Hawaii determined to forget Benjamin Henderson. Fate wants her to forget him too. In her first six hours, Holly runs into the same delicious man no less than three times. When she literally runs into him, Sean Cassidy becomes determined to make it more. What harm could a holiday fling do?

Holly's story could not have ended with Henderson, it felt more of a beginning of a journey through Holly's love life.

Holly doesn't have the luck in love. She is the forgotten one in her family, having concentrated only in her career the past years instead of the family's political image. And after what happened with Benjamin Henderson, she just wants to escape everything. And though the idea of having a rebound with more than delicious hotel manager sounds perfect, Holly knows that it won't help her get over Henderson. 

Sean Cassidy tries to solve the mystery that is Holly. The chemistry between the two is sizzling and irresistible. The two characters play well together and separate. The reader has already gotten to know Holly a little in the previous book, and the background story gets more weight in Cassidy. The reasons behind Holly's estrangement from her family becomes more clear and more questions about her past arise. 

I wonder what the third instalment brings and how many hearts it will break? There's just something magnetic in the writing that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.

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