15 May 2018

Review: Protected (Ariya Adams Trilogy #1)


From Goodreads:
She thinks she’s a normal college Senior. He knows she’s anything but.
Ariya Adams has no idea she’s descended from blood so powerful and rare that her life is infinitely more precious than any ordinary woman’s—especially to James Rymer.
James enters her life and stirs up feelings she can’t explain. He becomes a part of her world almost overnight, but Ariya senses he’s hiding something, and she’s determined to figure out what it is.
When “normal” becomes a thing of the past and fantasy enters Ariya’s reality, she’s soon faced with dangerous revelations, the least of which is that everyone she loves has been keeping secrets from her. With a paranormal evil she’s only beginning to comprehend threatening her and her friends, Ariya will have to choose between duty and love. Through it all, she’ll learn to never underestimate the power of blood.

It all begins with tall, dark, and handsome. Then comes the danger, and Ariya finds out she has been living a lie for her entire life.
Set in the real world, in a college, where no such thing as the supernatural exists. Ariya Adams lives with her best friend Caroline as they both are starting their senior year. 

Ariya's character annoyed me so much in the beginning. She was so oblivious to everything that went on around her. The book lets the reader know everything since it's written in multiple points of views, which made the wait for the 'big revealing' much more frustrating to wait for. Despite her obvious obliviousness, Ariya is one of those over-achieving good girls. Good grades, nice to everyone, obeys rules. There wasn't anything extraordinary or anything else that made her stand out. She had her quirks but nothing to make me love or hate her character.

Plot-wise the book seems to move really quickly. Everything that happens, happens in a blur. But when the actual timeline is scrutinized there actually isn't anything fast about it at all. The semester runs with its own pace, and all that the reader gets to see of the characters' lives is just the scenes where something bad or unexpected is happening to them. I wished at some point to get a bit more meat to the bones.

The relationships between the characters were what made me actually like the book. The reader is let on some secrets quite early on, so they kind of know what is happening. Still, the book leaves you guessing who you can really trust. 
  Protected was quite a good read. There were the highs and the lows, and the calm in between. Funnily enough, what stood out to me was that there was nothing actually standing out. I wouldn't call it average in any way, but there just weren't anything that would have made me hooked to the book.

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