2 May 2018

Review: Aftan Whispers (Estalia #2)

'' ''Over there, they've got a saying. Those together last the longest.'' ''


From Goodreads:
He didn't know how savage the world was - until he met Deni.

As the days grow darker in the Estalian Empire, young Tyler stays positive by helping others. But when he meets a girl on the run with enemies in the highest places, Tyler's life gets complicated fast. Deni isn't afraid to kill, and she’s got a secret that could tear apart the sky.

In a mortal chase that takes them from a besieged city across the war-torn countryside, Tyler soon discovers that the Empire’s guardians are their most dangerous foe. Worse still, Deni is faced with a terrible choice: remain hidden and save herself - or expose herself to prevent the oncoming darkness.

If you're looking for a visceral ride packed with steampunk machines, stunning action sequences and ambiguous moral choices, you’ll love Phil Williams’ latest post-apocalyptic adventure.

This is the second book in a series called Estalia. You don't have to read the first book to read this one, they can be read independently. But I do recommend reading the first one, it could shed light on many questions the Aftan Whispers left unanswered.
Tyler, a simple roofer on a job drops a tile from a roof he is working on. The same time a young girl is running away from slavers with a valuable document. When the tile makes a near miss from the girl, the document is dropped and Tyler makes it his mission to find the girl.

I didn't find the characters relatable at all. Tyler and Deni were so blue-eyed throughout the book, it got irritating at some point.There was no development of any kind with any of the characters. I'm all for keeping the characters the same from the first page to the last, but then the plot and the world has to be so superior that there's no need for character development at all.

The Empire of Estalia is a kingdom. I just stated the obvious, because there's nothing more I know about it. I know there's a queen somewhere in there, but I am not sure if she actually is the ruling organ of the empire, or is there a senate or a government that does it. I know that there are Guards and slavers and they both are corrupted. The empire does not care for the poor or the elderly, or actually of anyone if they don't have the money to pay.

There were positive aspects in the book, too. It wasn't all whiny kids and confusing settings. The main plot was what kept me reading. The characters quest to make the clouds part again, to take all the risks for the good of the people was intriguing to follow. There is so much potential in the plot, it's a shame that I could not find anything likeable in the characters' natures.

I think that maybe if I had read the first book before reading this one, I would have understood the world better, which in turn would've helped me get into the story better. Now, it only left me with a bucket full of unanswered questions.

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