30 Mar 2018

Review: Inking Innocence


From Goodreads:
She walked into my tattoo shop with a pilgrim looking getup and strawberry strands. Not an ink or piercing on her body. That was all about to change if I had anything to do with it.
There is a certain attraction about an untouched body. Have you ever felt that rush of being the first to search untainted territory? My lips and hands were going to discover a whole new way of desire when it came to Tessa. She had me believing in ALL CAPS kind of claims. Her innocence was flirtatious as her blush was pink.
That damn girl needed a good and rough ride to the hill top of reality. What do you know I have an open seat, shot gun!

Axel & Tessa’s story is a HEA. Bad Boy meets Good Girl kind of Romance. Tattoo Shop and Religious Break away fantasy.

To be honest, I almost did not write this review. The reading experience was just so painfully awkward that I put it off as long as I could.
The blurb sounds good, doesn't it? It promises you something. The reality, though, is something else entirely. As I said earlier, this was painful to read. I almost DNF'd my first book ever. But then again, it was only 68 pages. I could do it, I said to myself. I could get through, no matter how much I did not want to.

Axel's character was tolerable sometimes. But he only had one mindset: Tessa. He wants Tessa, nothing else. His sole focus shifted from everyday things to one thing, almost obsessed. Tessa on the other hand. She was just too naive to be real. She had no clue about anything, and everything that came out of her mouth was just making me cringe.

The synopsis promises you a HEA. Well, it was a happy moment when I could mark it as 'read'. I don't know if I went in with too high expectations, or what happened, but this was not a pleasant experience at all.

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