22 Mar 2018

Review: Forbidden (Satan's Sons MC #4)

'' ''If you find a girl that you really like, don't change your life for her. Get her to fit into the life you have. She has to accept what you stand for and who you are. If you change for her, it won't last.'' ''


From Goodreads:
Tyson lives up to the Wilson family name, and being raised by one of society’s most feared criminals has prepared him for the life of an outlaw. Determined not to skate by on his father’s reputation, he’s aggressively climbed the ranks of Satan’s Sons and is ready to give up everything for the club - with only one thing holding him back - high school. Tyson has to make it through his senior year before he can fully commit to the MC, and nothing will stand in his way. But when Layla, daughter of his rival den’s president, walks into his classroom, suddenly the life he has mapped out isn’t looking so simple.
Hannah is the black sheep of the family and has earned her nickname ‘Nice’. She doesn’t drink, or smoke, and tries to stay out of club business; but she does have a taste for something just as deadly - her father’s Vice President, Brad. When crushing news from the doctor puts her life in check, Hannah is faced with challenges no girl of her age is equipped to handle, and she must rely on unconventional allies for support. Allies The Reaper certainly won’t approve of.
Follow two love stories; each just as deadly as the other. Being together might be dangerous, but outlaws are meant to break the rules.

Once again, Simone Elise does it. I had high expectations for how the book would turn out and I did not have to be disappointed.

We get to hear from the characters we know and we get introduced to a set of new ones. The book is told in multiple viewpoints, just like all the previous ones. This time though, the spotlight is on the next generation. Abby and Kade had three children, first Tyson, and then the twins, Hannah and Eve. The book mainly circles around Tyson and Hannah, but we get glimpses of Eve, Abby and Kade's lives also.

In the beginning we get introduced a few new characters, like Layla and her father. First Layla is such a mystery, not much is revealed of her background. Then as we progress further and further, we learn to know her character on a deeper level. With the previous books, we mainly see a rivalry between other MC's, but with Layla's arrival, the plot thickens by a lot.

At first, I didn't quite get the importance of the twins. I just thought that the book would be mainly about Tyson, but then I met Hannah. And I mean, I really met her and got to know her. She has her faults, but quicker than I realised, I began to wait for the chapters in her POV. The fight she goes through, how she affects people around, what her absence brings. It all is written excellently in the book. I don't have the words for it.

Since you are reading this review, you probably have read other Simone Elise's books, right? So you know that every time you start a new book written by her, you're going to get your heart torn to pieces and then set on fire. You probably are going to tear up at some point. You want to throw the book out the window and not read what's next, except that you have to know. No. You need to know. This is what happens when you read Forbidden. You have been warned.

Let me just add here, in the end, that when I get my hands on the next book, it's going to go like this:
1. Drop everything.
2. Start reading.
3. No sleep, no social life, nothing until I am done.
Someone could say that I really liked the book? 😂

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