22 Feb 2018

Review: Reaper's Redemption (Satan's Sons MC #3)

'' Strenght. At times you feel like you have zero, that you're weak. You think you know what your limits are. Strenght was something I had a lot of right now. ''


From Goodreads:
After the events of the second book, Reaper sets out to find Abby and will stop at nothing to get her back, no matter how much blood is spilled along the way. He wants revenge, and what Reaper wants, Reaper gets.
What the hell. Where am I? Where’s my baby? I remember glass smashing and men in masks grabbing me, pulling me away from my crying son and sister. God, I need Reaper. What if I never see him again, touch him again? I can’t even think like that. Reaper needs to get his shit together and come find me. I don’t know how much longer I can last without him. 
I hadn't slept in days. But that was nothing to the pain I felt every day knowing Abby was out there, alone, kidnapped. A disgusting feeling washed through me, just at the thought of what they could be doing to her, how they would be treating her. She had to know I'd come for her. She had to know that every bone, blood vessel and beat of my heart would drive me to find her. Our son needs her. Hell, I need her. It’s time for me to do the only thing I’m good at. Being the Reaper. 

Are you prepared for this? I wasn't. The emotional rollercoaster you're about to board is going to mess both your hair and make-up.
Abby is missing and Kade is left alone with newfound responsibilities of a newborn baby and an entire club. He needs to get Abby back as soon as possible, but there are no strong leads to chase.

Like with the previous books in the series, this one will keep you hooked until the last page. Your heart will break for the characters, you will be wanting to put the book down. But you have to stay strong and keep on reading.

    '' It was like all the horrible moments that led to this one made this moment even sweeter. ''

The other two books in the series have gotten the reader familiar with the characters. You know where they started and how they ended up where they are right now, and all that makes the beginning of the third book even more horrifying. You are there, present, while the Reaper is on the mission to find Abby. You are with Abby in the house. You are angry, afraid, and passionate about the characters' fates, so the ending this book gave, was such a relief. It was what the characters deserved. And what the reader needs to hear.

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