8 Feb 2018

Review: Make It Count

'' ''But I suppose ultimately we have to decide if we're going to live to die, or live... to live.'' ''


From Goodreads:
He’s irresistible…but she’s the one person who knows his days are numbered
Casey’s touch can reveal the one thing a person would never want to know — the number of days they have left to live.
By the time Casey turns seventeen she’s learnt to withdraw. But the phobia she fakes in order to avoid human contact is sorely tested by hot, persistent, motorcycle riding PJ. For a girl who craves contact, maple eyed PJ is impossible to resist. When the inevitable happens, when hands, bodies and lips collide, Casey sees PJ's number, one that can only be seen as a cruel twist of fate.
Now she must decide. Will she continue counting the days of her life, or start living a life that counts?

 If you knew that someone's time on Earth would be over shortly, would you stay away from them to save yourself from the heartbreak, or would you stay with them?
 Casey does her everything not to touch people whose numbers she doesn't know. She knows the numbers of her family, so shorts and T-shirts are acceptable inside her family home. But anytime she appears outside her house she is covered from head to toe, gloves and all. Then PJ walks into her life and she can't resist. Casey is used to protecting herself, putting her own comfort before others. For the first time in her life, she voluntarily starts thinking of others. Her character is very reserved in the beginning, then later developing into the real her. The girl who just might dare to start living.

 The idea behind the plot is creative. Make one person to bear the weight of time. We are all mortal, we all face our ends. The book really delves into the mortality men by making it more real. If you have to see the clock ticking every time you touch someone, you have to accept the fact that we all die sometime. And there isn't much we can do to prolong our fate. Make It Count really made me think about living. Am I doing my all to reach the goals I really want to make? Am I really fighting for the things I love? Are you?

The suspension keeps you reading and hooked to the story. You want to know how it ends, or maybe you don't want to, but you need to know. You want a happily ever after, but will you get? Speaking of the ending, I don't if I feel satisfied with it. There was something missing from it. Maybe it was the thrill of the clock. It seemed to stop. The count down was permanently etched into the plot and then time simply seemed to stay still in the last chapters.

'' Is this what it feels like to live? '' 

Really recommend reading, even if it's just to experience the clock counting down.

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