5 Feb 2018

Review: The Impossible Bet

'' ''I've never kissed a stranger,'' I admit on a shy mumble, and our lips make the first, feather-light contact. At my confession, his brows narrow a tiny bit, but I don't care. Breathing in deep and sound, I close my eyes and kiss him. Sticking my finger in a socket couldn't be any more electrifying than this. ''


From Goodreads:
The Wager:
Three kisses.
Two of which must be initiated by the girl—a girl my friends select for me.
I have just under two weeks.
If I win, I get the coveted role of Tristan in a stage production.
If I lose, I’m still in the play…in the worst possible way. Playing Isolde in lacy underwear is something I may never live down!
The bet should be a piece of cake—until my friends pick my conquest. My quirky new neighbor, Pippi Longstocking in Pink. Yikes!
Oh, and did I mention I’m not allowed to speak to her? At. All.
Charming a girl who doesn't want to be charmed isn't easy. Add a no-talking rule into the mix and you got yourself an impossible bet. Or so you might think.
This book. The way the characters interact is just astounding.Just taking the main couple, one talks, the other one refuses to talk. This creates a certain friction between them, making communicating hard between them. Still, Jace doesn't buckle under the challenge. He defies all odds by finding the little things that make Brinna tick, the reasons why Brinna is still interested in him. The book defines the sayings that actions speak louder than words and that a little mystery is needed in life. 

The wager only says that Jace can't speak to Brinna, it doesn't deny him of speaking in her presence. This brings an entirely new dimension to the plot. Brinna sees and hears him speak, she knows he isn't mute, but doesn't know why.

The story is set in the world of acting and school, where such bet could be a part of an assignment and the people around might not notice that anything unusual is going on around them. The setting provides many opportunities to keep creating more and more layers around the main plot. There is the guy in the coffee shop Brinna visits every morning. There are the parties and the main characters other friends present all the time. The Impossible Bet has more layers than you would guess when turning the first page. It's not just a romance set in college.

When I heard that there are more to this series, I couldn't believe my eyes. Definitely adding them to my TBR.

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