14 Feb 2018

Review: Frost Security: Richard (Frost Security #1)

'' It was like we were connected somehow. I felt it in my bones when I looked at him. ''


From Goodreads:
In the mountains of Colorado, a small town named Enchanted Rock seems to always be in need of protection. Luckily, the shifters of Frost Security call this town home.
For years, Richard Murdoch served in Afghanistan, a lone wolf shifter always on the prowl for his true calling in life. Now that Richard has helped found Frost Security with his pack, he may have finally found his true calling, and his true mate: an art gallery owner in need of protection from a psycho stalker who wants her either run out of town, or dead.
Jessica Long is a hometown girl, trying to keep her little art gallery the Curious Turtle afloat through some bad times. But her silent partner passed away from a heart attack recently. Even worse? She's been receiving death threats ever since he died. She desperately turns to Frost Security for help, hoping they can scare off her stalker.
Richard becomes Jessica's shadow as the team at Frost Security try to uncover who is terrorising her. If this stalker of hers escalates like they think he will, nothing will stop Richard from ripping him apart. He just hopes Jessica isn't there to see it. 

 Rarely do I pick up a book not knowing too much about it. Even rarer is that I dive in blindly. But, since exception proves the rule, here we are. Can't say I am disappointed.
In the past year I have been diving into the world of shifters and romance, and then I found the combination. Then, something just clicked. This genre is exactly what I crave during dark winter nights and gloomy days. Sampling books from here and there has been fun, but the Frost Security will be  (I already decided) the first entire series I am going to finish in this genre. First book down, four more to go.

Jessica doesn't want anything complicated in her life. Content with managing her art gallery, owned together with a silent partner, in a small town, and living with her two beloved puppies. Then, around the passing of her silent partner, she begins to receive threats. First just telling her to leave town, then adding the 'or else'. She has a bit of a skittish personality, finding it a bit more in her comfort zone to avoid any confrontation, even if the situation would demand it to be solved. There are a few aspects to her personality that remained as a mystery to me, since there wasn't too much of background information provided.

The main plot follows the stalker situation. Since Richard is on the case, it gives the reader the perfect front-row seat for the flame developing between him and Jessica. But the main couple isn't the only thing the reader gets to see! What positively surprised me was that there is so much more happening on the background. There is one evident subplot broadcasted, which may be the main plot in one of the sequels (I don't know, but I anticipate so).

Even though the author kind of promises not leave the reader hanging off of a cliff, it's not a hundred percent true. You just can't read the first book and be done with the book. It simply is not possible. But fret not. Do as I did, and buy the entire five-book-box-set for my Kindle (Not a paid commercial). Now you won't run out of things to read for a few days (as if that would be a problem... We all know out endless TBRs 😏).

So, if you are looking for a shifter romance to ease you into to the genre, without too many smutty details, this series, or at least the first book, is for you. Less than three hundred pages fly by, and before you know it, you're turning the page for the sequel.

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