11 Feb 2018

Review: Black Mark's Heart (Black Mark Series #3)

'' ''We'll be happy. I promise you.'' ''


From Goodreads:
With a broken heart and a raging anger towards Darius, Mora and her unborn child go on tour where she puts all of her pent up emotions into her music, sky rocketing her career. She desperately tries to move on and start her new family without Darius casting his dark shadow on her life.

But keeping Mora and Darius apart is like keeping a moth from a flame, and their distance doesn’t last long before the couple is back to their old wicked ways.

When things take a dangerous turn and one of Darius’ fellow Fehu members becomes obsessed with Mora, she feels trapped. A fresh start could be just what she needs - but does she have the strength to leave behind the man who has always held her heart?

So, this is it? This is the third book in the series, so by continuing beyond this point may SPOIL something if you haven't read the second book yet. Then again, if you read the synopsis above, you're already spoiled...
Here we are, after an overly intense rollercoaster. I feel a bit empty. I know it's a normal symptom of completing a book series. The ending was uncharacteristically soft for Ebony Olson's books. Loose endings we're tied up, no questions left unanswered in the end. 

Since the second book was a bit tamer than the first one, it made sense that this one would turn the intensity up by a notch. Didn't have to be disappointed. The conflicting emotions and the clashing of characters' dreams and reality in the book tore up my heart. I wanted Mora to stay away from Darius, just to keep her sane. Then again, in the next second, I wanted them to be together. It was hard to decide which I wanted more for them.

In a true Olson style, the reader is led to believe something and then brought to the reality with an unbelievable twist you see coming but still can't prepare yourself for. The title Black Mark's Heart is true on more than one occasion. It's the heart of Mora, but it's also the heart of many others.The heart of their relationship, the heart of life and what they wanted from it, and maybe most importantly, the heart - the conclusion - of the series.

If I could, I would wipe the memory of reading this entire series from my memory, just to get to experience the turmoil of it again. I might have a tiny masochist inside me, but a part of me wishes there would be a fourth book.

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