23 Dec 2017

Review: Tattooed Love (Satan's Sons Monarchy #1)

'' '' I can't take this anymore.'' ''


From Goodreads:
When your heart rules your mind, you don’t get to choose who you love. But what if that love could lead to your own destruction?
Amber is a rebellious high school senior and the only girl in a family of outlaw bikers. Her four brothers left when she was young to keep her away from their style of life, but despite their efforts, she’s wrapped up in criminal activities and her life is rapidly spiralling out of control.

With her life finally going up in flames, adding fuel to that fire is smouldering and infamous biker Jax. As she begins to fall for her dangerous love and throw caution to the wind, Amber might not be able to turn back from the risky path she’s chosen...

Being together might be dangerous, but, after all, outlaws are meant to break the rules.

 The Shields brothers are famous around other criminals, one of them being a President of their motorcycle club charter, but no one knows they have a sister. Amber, although part of a gang, hasn't advertised the fact that she is related to the famous four. It all begins when another biker, from the same club as her brothers, moves into her house to complete his parole. Having been in the same high school, they know of each other, but things are about to get more intense. Jax being in the house is not enough for Amber's father, who is determined to get Amber away from her bad habits. Inviting the brothers back home to right Ambers behaviour, he creates an environment, in which anything can happen.

Amber's character. Whiny, irresponsible, childish, uncaring, selfish, passionate. Yeah, that's about it. Amber wants to avoid responsibilities in the real world, rather working for the gang and drinking away her nights. She has been hurt before, her heart in pieces, and that shows. She hides behind the facade of a tough girl, who can stand anything and everything. When she meets Jax, her walls start to crumble. They crumble to the point where there is nothing left and she is bare without any defence, and then, he breaks it, stomps on it, and leaves her to pick the pieces behind him. Amber is very truthful to the reader, she doesn't hide anything, rather hurting with the truth than keeping it to herself. This quality I respect in characters (and in real life), you identify with then more easily that way.

The story is mainly told from Amber's point of view. In addition, you get to read the story through the brothers' and Jax's eyes. Just to spice it up.

I probably say this in every MC Romance book review I write, but still, I think it's vital to have it in here: Jax is... *dreamy sigh* Three letters, they can make you or break you. Jax's character is scary, intimidating, extremely sexy, dreamy, and a bit stalker-ish towards Amber, and everything you want the main (love) interest to be in this genre.

This would have been a full five-star book if there had not been two scene skips. I don't know if they were there originally and ended up being edited out, or if they were never written, but at two different occasions, it felt that there was a chapter missing in between, and the next chapter tries to hurriedly explain what had happened to bring the reader up to speed on the happenings.

I already got the next book and it's sitting on my Kindle bookshelf, staring at me and whispering to me. But I'll stay strong. Its currently on 8th on my reviewing list. Can't wait!

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