2 Dec 2017

Review: Revelations


From the back cover:
Jenna Morgan is just like any normal teenager. That is until she turns seventeen. In a matter of a week, Jenna is kidnapped, meets a mysterious young man named, Alex and learns the shocking truth about her true heritage, which is the reason both demons and the angels are hunting her. Just when she comes to accept her new identity the unthinkable happens, leaving Jenna devastated. She soon meets Dylan, a small town homeboy who quickly heals her heart. But when his life is threatened by the same monsters who had already torn her world apart will Jenna be able to save him in time...or will she die trying?   

Female Nephilim children are rare, and whenever they are born, they are hunted by both the heaven and the hell. Or not exactly hunted, more like, head-hunted by the supernatural HR department. All Nephilim children possess powers from their angelic parent, but the females pack a bit more power than the entities would like them to have. And if they can't recruit them, they kill them, because nothing is worse than letting the talent to work with the opposing side.

Jenna Morgan is a female Nephilim, but she doesn't know it until it is revealed to her after a kidnapping and near death experience. She is helped out by Alex, a handsome boy who then sticks around to help Jenna to get in terms of her power. Alex is one of those characters that you can guess their purpose in the story from the first impression. The story foreshadows a bit, but you have to be observant to make the connection.

Personally, I did not like Jenna's character at all. Her actions and speech did not match at times at all. She would be crying and complaining in hysterics about something and be okay with the same thing in the next. A likeable main character is such a big thing to me, and not liking Jenna put a huge dent in the rating. There wasn't much character development with any of the characters, which I missed a lot.

Plot-wise, the book had a lot potential. Unfortunately, some of it stayed in the shadow, because the story focused wither a bit too far in the future and not in the present.

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