31 Dec 2017

It Is Time For 2017 To Make Way For 2018!

I know I probably say this every New Years Eve (along with a few billion other people) and will repeat it every year to come, but still. Guys, oh my God. This year went by so fast like it barely begun and now we are saying goodbye to it. And like every year, a lot has happened, things have changed and all that jazz.

This year, though, has been a real turning point for me. I learned something really important in the last few weeks: How to respect myself. I've hidden behind a facade of this girl who does things because she thinks they are expected of her. I've stood up for myself, just feel bad in the aftermath, even though there is no need for me to. I learnt to take a leap of fate and it worked out, but I was offered a risky possibility and I decided to leap the second time (this time over the Grand Canyon) and we'll see how it'll play out in the Spring.

Through this year, even if I haven't been as much present as I wanted to, you guys have been there for me. Yeah, I haven't had a flow of comments and likes and people sending me fanmail or anything, but just knowing that I could escape into the world of books and share the love for them with you all has been enough. I really do love each and every one of you! And if I could, I would hug and kiss each and every one of you! 😍

So my New Years resolutions for 2018 are these:

- I promise to read more books and share my love for the reading community

- I promise to do the things that make me really, truly happy. Not just things that make people around me happy.

- I promise to be present in the present, not just thinking 'What I'm going to do in five years, ten years time'.

I promise these things proudly since I know that living by these three things is what can and will make me a happier person.

And most importantly, I challenge you to write a post, film a video, Instagram it or shout out to the world your three resolutions. (And link it to the comment section below, so I can check out your site 😉)

Don't forget to share your Year In Books in Goodreads! Let's spread the love of the printed word in 2018 too!

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