28 Nov 2017

Review: The Inherited (The Inherited Series #1)

''  This game was beginning to reflect badly on me. I mean, how can reading and writing compete with a multilingual horse whispering, blade-wielding, sword fighting, motorcycle riding and jet flying badass? I at least needed to take upon crocheting or something. '' 


From the back cover:
One second Catherine believes that she is a normal girl, the next she finds herself betrothed to a Prince. Together they are thrust into a world of political intrigue, ancient oaths, & deadly mystery.
All Cat wants is to make it through her final exams and to get into a good university but that is put on hold when two men show up on her doorstep and tell her she is the last descendant of an ancient and forgotten royal bloodline. Not only that, but they offer her the chance of a lifetime trip to spend the summer living it up in castles and yachts off the coast of France. The only hitch is that she has to be a brooding prince's arm candy.
A summer of parties and beaches changes faster than the tides when old secrets begin to be unearthed and blood binding decrees are called upon.
Can truth and love survive when the path to the throne and crown is riddled with deception and daggers?

I waited so long to get to this book. It's been sitting on my reviewing list so long, and it felt it never got closer. But now that I'm done with (not really, it's a trilogy), I can honestly say it was worth the wait.
The book is relatively short on pages to contain the story, which means the events move forward really fast. Because of that, some parts of the characters' backstories were left unexplained a bit, with one major plot hole: was Catherine adopted or not? Sometimes there were implications for two parents and sometimes of just one pair. I know the book has gone through a major editing, with the main character's name changing, but were there other name changes also or what happened there?

I don't remember when was the last time that I can honestly say that I loved each and every single character in the book. The way the DuMont family was written was amazing. All the members had this unity that you rarely get to see in books. Usually, they are either too uniform without their personal traits or just too different, but this family were in sync with each other while still preserving their quirks. 

The story is told solely from Cat's point of view, focusing on her development in her own new role and character. Still, fortunately for the readers, we get to follow the prince's transformation also. Both of them bring out the best and the worst in each other and are just made for each other (I know they are, but the chemistry).

I found myself waiting and waiting for something scandalous to happen in the middle of a ball or a public appearance, and I got what I waited. Since I am a bit of a dramatic myself, some of the events could have a bit more daring, but I am not complaining at all of the ways they are now.

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