6 Nov 2017

Review: The Fiasco In News

'' At this point, I'd carried around the persona of a defeated man for so long that women could smell it. '' 


Adam Millard, the walking disaster, isn't the one to run away from trouble. Actually, it wouldn't matter if he ran, the trouble would always run faster in order to catch him. 

There are heroes and villains. Both want something, more money and fame, to save or to destroy the world. And then there's Adam, whose goal is to get a good night's sleep before the next load of shit hits the fan. Up until now, Adam has just gone with the flow but when a part-time villain, part-time newscaster offers him a job, things start to look a bit brighter. But not for long. Adam is being whisked away on another wave of disasters leading him to alternate versions of Wonderland, and this time Alice isn't the nice little girl, but The Alice from your nightmares.

'' I stood over a desk, staring at my own mug of coffee and wondering if heaven and hell were both frozen solid. '' 

Adam's best weapon is his sarcasm. In the beginning, not much else comes out of his mouth. Adding a villain who can't stand sarcasm makes the situation even more hilarious.
The entire book is filled with witty remarks and crazier than crazy situations. Imagine being transported to alternate dimensions on a weekly basis or being kidnapped at least five times a year. And let’s not even get started with the aliens or the possessions, that would be a tad too much.
The big downside to The Fiasco In News is its length. Almost five hundred pages get a bit straining with this kind of text. The two hundred pages in the middle are the slowest to red of them all, but when you get to the last hundred pages, boy they go fast. And let me just say, the last sixty pages are the best. 

The way Stephan Morse has been able to bring out so many sides to his characters is amazing. One moment they are all sane people and the next they wouldn't recognize sanity even if it hit them in the face. Some scenes progress slowly and you have time to really understand what's going on and then in the next chapter everything is jumbled together and moving so fast you have no other choice than to sit down, read through all of it, and try to make some sense of the events later. These changes in the pace and in the characters really livened up the story, making it a great read.

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