8 Oct 2017

Review: Sleuthing with the Enemy

'' ''I want to know you, Annemette Helsen. All about you. Your likes, your dislikes, your hopes, your fears. I want to be there for you so the next time you go on some stupid insane vendetta, you're not alone.'' ''  


The Gleipnir Cuff, the prized possession of the werewolves has been stolen from right under their noses. No one knows who did it, but they have their suspicions. Annemette Helsen doesn't want to wait for The Council to make their move to recover the Cuff, instead, she takes matters into her own hands and breaks into the suspects house in the middle of the night. Not the smartest choice since the suspect just happens to be the Prince of the Vampire court, Jonas Weiss. On top of it all, Jonas is insists that he has nothing to do with the theft, and now wants to help Anna to recover the Cuff. Anna doesn't want the help, not at all, but Jonas is not ready to give up so easily, being used to getting what he wants.
I had my reservations when I started reading this, like with all paranormal romances. The chances of it being a flop, instead of a top, is high. Luckily, I didn't have to be disappointed with Sleuthing with the Enemy. Although there were a few cliches, they suited the plot nicely and did not feel like shortcuts to get the story moving again.

Annamette Helsen, or Anna, does not like to sit around and twiddle her thumbs. Action, preferably lots of it, is what she likes and when someone is stalling her nerves are not at their best. Anna judges peoples characters very quickly, and in most situations too quickly. She likes to think the worst from people first, and then if she deems so later, may they move onto her list of people she trusts and likes. Anna has to face this problem in the book, and I must say that the way it's written in the book, the entire scene, is just so real. Anna's character battles with everyday problems and grows a lot in the duration of the book.

Since this is a second book in the Unnatural Alliances - series, I don't know if there is anything mentioned about Jonas Weiss, the vampire prince, in the first book. I know that Anna's brother Rune is in the first one, but I haven't read that one since the series can be read as stand-alones.

But Jonas. You know when a character is so annoying you want to rip them to shreds, but then again you want to kiss them and live a happily ever after with them? Yep, that's Jonas Weiss for you. Sometimes arrogant, sassy, annoying as hell, not forgetting his looks. We get see another side of Jonas as well, not only the side he shows the world. Actually, he is a big sweetheart - a teddy bear, but you get to know his entire story if you decide to pick up the book.

Other characters complimented the storyline nicely. Most of them stayed clearly in the background because either their story was already told or hasn't yet been told. Mostly the book circled around Anna and Jonas so there wasn't much of a need for complex side characters.

I really really enjoyed reading Sleuthing with the Enemy. The cover and the title are a bit misleading, but when you get past them, it's gonna be good. This is getting kind of long, so I'll end this one here.

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