28 Oct 2017

Review: Hunting for Spring


From Goodreads:
Hunters are a lonely breed, and Conor’s no exception, until the day he meets Brenna. Even though she slinks in unannounced and kills the wight he was hunting down, the girl’s a mystery and he can’t get that blinding smile or those gorgeous curves off his mind. Since they’re both after the same caster who’s unleashing these monsters, he suggests teaming up, and despite her initial reluctance, the hungry way she scans him down promises something powerful.

I still can't wrap my mind around it. This definitely belongs to the paranormal genre, but then there's the romance. Most of the time, the romance felt like a separate story entirely, like it didn't fit at all into the book. And the romance wasn't there all the time, it was like the long-lost cousin who suddenly appears to your door and then you see them once in a while.
The story-line was good. Hunter teams up to fight against the evil of the supernatural world. That idea was brought forward, it was what the entire book focused on. Then the long-lost cousin peeked his head from behind the corner and then vanished. I think I would've liked this book a lot more if the romance had either been better integrated into the plot or there wouldn't have been romance at all, apart from a casual love-interest.

Conor Malone portrays his character well, him being a grim hunter with a soft heart, setting him apart from other hunters who are only trained to be live-weapons. Brenna, on the other hand, is a bit more complex. She doesn't have her background story explained like Conor's so you make do with what you get. This element leaves a lot to piece together for the reader. And let me tell, it ain't easy.

The book did not lack action or plot-twists. You can't get bored while reading Hunting for Spring!

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