20 Oct 2017

Review: The Advice Bucket

'' How often did people encounter the most significant of humans without realising it? '' 


From Goodreads:
Merrick's life is a wild goose chase. Literally.
Somewhere on the remote, Scottish Isle of Scarba, Gladys awaits answers. What is the centuries-old secret that rules her destiny?
A short distance away, Merrick is on his way to join 35,000 fellow barnacle geese at their annual gathering. Delayed by a sudden fall from the sky, he sustains his first wrist injury in three centuries and has to catch a boat.
Lucy Colwyn wants to go to Scarba to die; if she can only get there unscathed first.
Eminent neurologist, Dr. Harry Britten, receives miraculous news: a dying patient is cured. Now he has no choice but to abandon everything and track her down before she does the unthinkable. But the journey won’t be easy, as three familiar old ladies have other, rather unorthodox agendas.
The Queen of The Hebrides leaves for Islay loaded with strangers. By the time the ship's journey reaches its conclusion, some of the passengers are on their way to reaching another: that they’re more connected than they could ever have imagined. 
The thing is, I didn't get what the book was about until the end. I'd say that the fault might not be in the book, but in that that I may not be in the audience, The Advice Bucket is aimed for.

I actually have nothing negative to say about this book. It was beautifully written, the language flowed and you could feel connected to the story. The way every point of view had their own voice that could be clearly heard amazed me. 

The story is told from multiple points of views, all the characters connected in the end. If you get the hints, you may connect some of them earlier in the book, but looking back, those hints are hidden well.  It's really a mystery, how the characters are so different from each other and still manage to compliment each other perfectly.

As I said earlier, this book just didn't open up for me. I couldn't find the red line, that was supposed to guide me through. That took a lot from the reading experience.

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