29 Sep 2017

Review: Winter Passion

''She was more than ready to leave the world behind her for a while. Whatever dream haunted her sleep this night could not compare to the waking nightmare that had occurred this first light.''  


The story is mostly told from two points of view, Trina and Arek's. Except that they aren't told from their points of view but as a third-person narration, which at first was really hard to follow. Somewhere in the middle I just got used to it.

Arek is a Piacen, a shapeshifting predator, who was injured on the first page. Trina finds him in the woods and brings him back to her cabin - shifted as a mouse. From there the pair starts to get to know each other and truths begin to unfold. 
And if I tell you more about the book I end up revealing something crucial to the plot. The way Winter Passion is written doesn't help at all. Though, the style of narrating stays the same the entire book, it still gets confusing from time to time. As you read you get a feeling that you are just watching from the sidelines, not included anyway in the book. To explain this better, let me compare it to watching sport. You sit there cheering and shouting. You are sitting and watching, basically not affecting anything, but still, you are there somehow included in the event. Reading this book felt one step further by shutting me out entirely.

On the other hand, the way this book is written is beautiful. The wording and pace were amazing. The emotion and rawness could be felt all the way through. 

Characters in this book were not introduced carefully at all. In the beginning of the book, they are just there, without background stories or explanations. You might think that ''isn't that what happens with every book?'' Yes, it happens, but there is always something that gives you information about what is going on. The same theme continued a bit too far, in the beginning, to be overlooked.

What comes to characters themselves is a bit complicated. I loved them all. They were written with detail and care. They felt everything and were not afraid of being real. I can't express how much I fell in love with them while reading their story. 

I don't know what else to tell you about Winter Passion, you know. You just got to read it to understand. And now that I am finished writing this review, I must say that this tops 'the hardest books to review' -list.

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