24 Sep 2017

Review: Storm of Attraction

''If only all of life's problems could be solved by kicking butts or hiding in a book.''

It's been a while since my last review, but that is definitely going to change. Without further ado, I present the review of Lily Black's Storm of Attraction!

Alexa and Drew had a short relationship five years ago. The weeks they spent together were the best and they seemed they were together forever. Then, they break up. In the present day, Drew is back in town, and neither of them can resist each other. The chemistry between those two is not the only thing pulling them together; someone is after Alexa, and that someone is not going to give before they have her.
Alexa Wolving is the quiet librarian of a small town. She loves books and her three cats. After her shift in the library she transforms into a black belt master and spends her hours in the world of traditional martial arts. Her character is a perfect mix of a sweet and innocent librarian and the fierce, fearless woman who is not afraid tossing grown up men over her shoulder. She tries to convince herself that she is long over Drew Cosimo and his dark Italian looks, but in vain. Things get complicated when the random gifts and messages start to imply that there is someone stalking her, someone who might be very close to her.

Drew is back in town. Starting up a new mixed martial arts studio creates thunder between Alexa and him. Alexa doesn't want him back into her life after the way he dumped her five years ago. Drew, on the other hand, wants her back. 

The way you can feel the chemistry between the characters is amazing. There is awkwardness, hesitation, hatred and blazing feelings. Nothing is muted. Nothing is left out. The book is only 250 pages, but in those pages is all that is needed nothing more, nothing less. 

Another thing, besides Alexa and Drew's relationship, that gets a lot of attention in the book is the impeding stalker. The suspension and the feeling of dread were real. Sometimes, I found myself holding my breath in terror because I didn't know what was coming next. There was the dread of the unknown throughout the entire book. 

Not is the characters and plot amazingly written, the way that it's set in a small town where everyone knows everyone, and then suddenly, your worst nightmare could be your next-door neighbour. It's so realistically set, that it just made the entire book so much better.

Really recommend this to be added to your TBR!

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