30 Aug 2017

Review: Succumb


One word: Intense. Not one word can describe this book accurately even remotely, but intense comes close. 

The blurb from Goodreads:
For years Seraphina Gaelach has resisted being part of the Alvöru she was born into. After an abusive childhood, Phin thought she left the days of being a helpless victim behind and taken control of her life. All that changed the night Sebastian Maviper, High Lord of the Alvöru, decided to claim her.
Three years later, by reuniting with an old friend who is like a brother to her, Phin’s life is put in peril and she is dragged back into Sebastian's world. Can she forgive what he did to her?
Old enemies are stirring and uniting in an effort to control the Alvöru, and everyone in it. When they kidnap Granger and Phin as bait to lure Sebastian to their trap, Phin must make decisions and alliances that will potentially destroy all those she cares about.
I tried to make a shortened version of the blurb and couldn't have failed more gloriously. I have to admit, that this might the hardest book I have come across to describe with a measly three sentences.

As I said in the beginning that this book was intense, I mean it. Every letter of the word is capitalized and written with flashing neon colours. There is action, there is fright, there are close encounters, and then, there's the heat. I don't think anyone can weave more sex-scenes in one book without it becoming tasteless. I started to read this book on the train home and there was an older man sitting next to me, constantly peeking over my shoulder to see what I was reading. Let's say that after the first few chapters, his focus shifted intently to the window (I was sitting in the aisle seat), trying his best to avoid even accidentally looking my way. Those of you who have read the first few chapters know what I'm talking about... 😉

You read the entire book from Seraphina's point of view, which makes understanding the Alvöru (supernatural) world a bit easier since the book doesn't just stick with one species but explores everything from Lycans to the Fae folk and back. 

Seraphina as a character is well rounded and knows her boundaries. There is much she isn't revealing to the reader, so some of the information you either have to puzzle yourself out or wait for them to be spelt out later on in the book. She is very keen on keeping her independence and doesn't want to give it away, even though everyone, and everything, is encouraging her to do it. Not even attempts on her life scare her enough to just let some else take the reins. 

Don't let me get started on any of the other characters, we'll be here for weeks if I do. Let's just summarize that they are a huge part of what makes this book keep its suspension and the level of intensity till the end. Take one out and this book wouldn't make any sense anymore.

I would've probably read this whole book in one sitting if I didn't think that eating or sleeping are valid reasons to take breaks. And the best part is that this is the first book of a trilogy so there will be more. Lots and lots more. And I can't wait.

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