5 Aug 2017

Review: Alpha Landon


Procrastinating seems to be the one thing I'm best at. But with the not so gentle push from my friend, and here I am, writing the reviews that have piled up in the past few weeks.

Alpha Landon was the first book I read from Midika Crane (long ago on Wattpad). This wasn't her best book, but great nonetheless.

The story follows Althea and the Alpha of Power Pack, Landon. Landon hasn't morphed into an Alpha wolf yet in the beginning of the story. When he does, his outer appearance changes drastically. Gone is his geeky outlook and lanky frame instead pure muscle and power reveals itself. 

Althea has had a crush on Landon for years now. She hasn't told about her feelings to Landon and wasn't even planning to. After Landon's transformation, he starts to act differently towards Althea, implying that he might have some feelings towards her. At the same time, Althea is courted by other eligible wolves from her pack. 
The Power pack doesn't believe in soulmates like other packs do. They believe more in the freedom of choice when it comes to the person they spend the rest of their life with. This differentiates greatly from the other books Crane has written.

Like the other books in the Alpha-series, this can be read as a standalone, but I wouldn't recommend it. This one fills so many blanks from the other books, so even though it is the first book in the series, it feels more like a filler. 

As what comes to the characters, they are well written and thought out. They fit into to the overall picture of the pack-world. Although Landon transforms into an Alpha wolf, he still has the characteristics from before the transformation. 

The plot line is a bit confusing if this is read as a standalone, but as part of the series, it's just great. The world is so tightly woven and the characters from other books are as side-characters. I'm really looking forward to reading all the upcoming publications from this series.

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