13 Aug 2017

News and Currently Reading

Hi everyone,
Long time no see. Okay, not that long time. Anyway. It's been a while since I've written anything but reviews here, so I thought to pop in and say hi.

I'm living exciting times now with a huge change coming into my life in just a couple of weeks. I'll tell more about that later when I know more about my schedules and all. I give you a hint, my future includes many hours away from home and up in the air.

So, I have been busy because of the change and haven't had time to read so much so I have fallen way behind on my reading and reviewing schedule. This is not a good thing since I have so many books waiting in line for their turn and missing one review delays all those coming after. Now that I am whole three books behind, one could say I am treading on thin ice. Worry not. I will be doing all the reviews as fast as possible.

To ease up peoples' minds I thought to list below the order of the books I am reviewing in the upcoming month or two. Remember it's not carved in the stone, so some alterations may happen and new books might be added in between. All depends on the amount of time I have to complete everything. Authors, to whom I have promised a certain week, I have estimated a week's delay. Sorry.

Now, on to the list!

Currently Reading Holding On To Hurt, Charlotte Roth

The Chronicles of Henry Harper, Jacen Aster

Storm of Attraction, Lily Black

Furies' Bog, Deborah Jackson

Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith, Shaun Hume

Winter Passion, Sarah Collingwood

Sleuthing With the Enemy, Danielle Hardgrave

Captured, Michelle Areaux

The Advice Bucket, Heather Hill

The Fiasco in the News, Stephan Morse

Compass of the Nymphs, Sam Bennet

Hunting for Spring, Katherine McIntyre

Dead Kings: The Dawnmaiden, A. J. Wilson

Angels' Whispers, Georgia Kontou

Revelations, Pamela Daniell

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