9 Jul 2017

Review: The Lot of a Nobody

''It was like something from a fairy-tale -more Brothers Grimm than Walt Disney.''


Sometimes your clothes just don't stay on you. Waking up on a weird island, totally naked, Lot Nobody realises his life isn't the same anymore. Transporting to a mystery location and then returning buck-naked to the same place he vanished from. Neat trick, right? Except when Lot vanishes from school. Completed with mysterious carved statues with numbers, and a shady businessman, named Hector Shady, wanting to collect them all. The book is full of humour and snarky comments that are guaranteed to make you laugh.
The Lot of a Nobody is told from multiple point of views. The main character, Lot Nobody, seriously, is a nobody. Being average in every way possible, Lot is not noticeable to anyone. Having been invisible most of his life, Lot is in for a surprise when Ethan begins to notice him and his disappearances. Lot's development is clear throughout the story. From a nobody to somebody thanks to the time spent on the island, in the end owning the name Nobody.

Sometimes I was a bit confused where the scenes at the time were happening. Jumping to and fro from the real world to the island happened without a transitional sentence that told that Lot had teleported between the places. 

The book is filled with snide comments and funny comparisons to the brim. A lot, but not too much. 

The best part of the book was what Lot taught. He taught to own it. Doesn't matter who you are, whether you are average or extraordinary you got to find your strengths and own them. And just by being yourself you can help others to find their strengths as well.

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