18 Jul 2017

Review: The Limpet Syndrome (How to Survive the Afterlife #1)

''Emotion is not what makes us weak, Brimstone. It's what makes us human. The ability to care, even if people often do not.''


The Limpet Syndrome takes you below the surface to the deepest pits of hell and back. Though, for some, the journey doesn't end there. If you suffer from the Limpet Syndrome your soul, through a complicated process, reincarnates itself into an animal. Most cases it's the animal closest to you in the moment of your death. And for John Hewson, things got a bit more complicated. Finding himself in a waiting room with a lady looking older than a dinosaur he knows something isn't right. Proceeding through his trial, he finds out that he has been selected to bring back two souls before the Summer Solstice or the world will crumble beneath his feet. The task isn't easy because there are other people hunting those two souls and because John is, well, dead.
If you enjoy conspiracy theories and action this book is totally for you. There's a little physics mixed in, so if the basics are not in fresh memory, there's always Wikipedia.

The story is told from multiple point of views without revealing too much of each person ulterior motives. In the book, each and every character has something they want and are not telling the reader. Those secrets are revealed in the book one by one. Those secrets are revealed in a way that they change the tone of the story almost entirely, from a meteorologist chasing two pigeons to a one man's scheme to get rid of humanity.

The most amazing thing was the way the plot was built. Changing the POV's just so that the reader is hooked but not enough to reveal the whole truth. And for the truth, we might have to wait for a while since the book ended in a cliff hanger so subtle that if you're not familiar with the laws you might miss it.

The Limpet Syndrome is a mystery you have to read to understand.

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