23 Jun 2017

Review: Mine

'' ''What do you want now?'' I groaned in defeat, giving in to his gaze. ''Nothing. I enjoy watching you.'' Kind of sweet? ''Especially when you don't know I'm watching.'' Nope. Creepy. Just creepy. ''


 Your average innocent love story had a bit of an unexpected twist. There were no signs in the synopsis, none whatsoever.

We follow the story of Anika Mason. When she encounters the school's new student, Foster, who is a little too much, smitten with her she lies about having a boyfriend. A fairly innocent lie that could have been easily confessed but no. Brady, the pretence boyfriend, takes advantage of her lie, though, and plays along with it. This doesn't suit Foster and he does his everything to get Anika to himself.
I knew in advance that this book wasn't a thousand pages long, but the shortness still surprised. That said, let's get into it.
There weren't much to the characters. Even though the story was told mostly from Anika's point of view, there was other characters' point of views mixed in. This gave a much-needed insight into the other characters' thoughts and to the overall plot. As stated in the beginning of the story Anika is trying to be an average teenager. Not wanting to differentiate herself from the crowd she dresses and isolates herself to a small circle of friends. And to Foster, since he doesn't seem to let go of the idea of having her. 

I must confess that this was a very hard one to review. In my opinion, there could've been a few more 'filler chapters' to explain a bit more about background and reasons behind the characters' motives. Of course, too many fillers could also be the doom of Mine. As I was scanning through the other reviews on Goodreads, I realised I wasn't the only one with the problem of how to rate the book. 

While I would give five stars for the idea and the main character, I would only give two stars for the end result. So end the end, I decided to rate the most important (to me) elements of the book and take the average as the final result. 

In the end, this was quick to read and perfect for those who are not looking for a series to be hooked with.

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