19 Jun 2017

Review: Knight of the Hunted

'' Blood and coffee.''


Blood in the book, coffee for me. There was a time when I was obsessed with the Twilight saga. Most of us have been there, don't try to fool me. And speaking for myself (and probably for a few others), my picture of vampires in books was, should I say, dramatically stuck on the sparkly side. Not to say that there's nothing wrong with a little sparkle in life. Thankfully, though, there were no sparkles in Knight of the Hunted. And to those of you, who understand that my reference to Twilight is up there because these two could be compared to each other, let me tell you: NO. That being said, let's move on.

Okay, let's mix things up a little. Let's start from the end. The ending. Well, it ended. It wasn't one of those slammed-the-cover-closed-as-hard-as-I-could endings. More like, 'oh, it's over, didn't notice. Let's move on. In addition to that, the ending was really confusing. But that I'll dig into later.

Jumping back to the beginning. We all know that in the beginning of a new book/series the author has to introduce us to the world the story is taking place in. Some author do it in the first chapter in a user-manual way, either introducing a rule or law book or placing ht e character into a situation where the basic rules of the government/kingdom becomes apparent. In most cases though, the world is introduced to us bit by bit, either by travelling or through stories in the plot. And sometimes the world is so full of rules and all of them are dumped on you in the first chapter. Getting such an overload in the first few pages can be really annoying. And that's what happened with this one. the author introduces us the world, the differences between 'Born' and 'Turned' vampires, the rules, other species such as Lycans. And that made me want to do notes so I could keep up.

As I promised earlier, now to the confusing part. And if the introduction to the world wasn't enough to make you feel like giving up, this probably will. BUT, don't go yet. I saved the best things to the end.

To me, the story was going into one direction and then suddenly it changed to another without a major plot-twist. And the most confusing part of it was that I noticed it when it happened. Usually, when something like this happens you realise it after turning the last page and sleeping on it. That was a major downer. 

Now to the good bits. Despite both the beginning and the ending being a bit messy the middle part, oh my dear Coffee, the middle part was great! The writing felt alive the characters were badass with the right amount of sass and feelings. Not too many sappy moments, just the right amount of action, and let's not forget the grumpy (you're going to have to read to book to find out) in there either. 

Definitely thank you for unruining my idea of vampires in books.

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  1. Thank you for your review!! If only I was the type to like plot twists 😉


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