29 Jun 2017

Review: A Dragon's Treasure

'' ''Oh, my goodness.'' She sounded breathless. ''You're lethal.'' ''


Something different this time. For a long time, I've mostly reviewed young-adult books and now I made an exception to my normal routine. So, here it is.

We follow Connie who is on the run. In a 'wrong place, wrong time' scenario she witnesses a drug-deal gone bad. Leaving Chicago behind and heading to her cousin's farm where not only wolves run, but they also change into men. The wolf-shifters are not the only kind. Among them live other supernatural creatures, including dragons.
Let's talk about the plot. 'A damsel in distress' idea worked well in this one. Even though the damsel didn't always want to be saved and pampered, she still was in distress. All in all, the plot was pretty straightforward with no major twists or turns.

Connie, as a character, doesn't develop much. Her ideals change and the way she views situations change in a way. In the beginning, she is much more independent versus what she is in the last pages. This can kind of expected from the beginning since the book is almost entirely about finding your soul-mate. 

Every author has their own vision of the paranormal world they create, and if they wouldn't then it wouldn't be theirs, right? 😄 Lately, I have read many paranormal romances, most of them being shifter romances, so reading about the 'chosen mates' or people forced together by a force above and then falling in love. But what always has bothers me, is the relationships between the male characters in the books. Usually, they are there just to fill the pages up or they are the odd ones in the background. The male characters in this book were a bit too close to each other. There was no indication that they were romantically involved, actually, it was clearly stated that they just wanted to protect. But still. Way too warm towards each other for the reader to believe that their relationships were entirely platonic.

In the end, this was something refreshing to read. And since there might be some younger audience: This is not your innocent happy ending. It contains sexual content. Just so you know. 😉

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