17 Jun 2017

Review: The Brothers Three (The Blackwood Saga #1)

'' Those who lose dreaming are lost.''

I'm stunned. The ending came out of the blue. Unexpected and leaving me craving for more.

The Blackwood Brothers, Will, Caleb, and Val,  have always kept together even when miles away from each other. They are brought together by their godfather, Charlie, when he summons them to hear an urgent message concerning the brothers' father. To their surprise their father isn't what they believed him to be. When Charlie is kidnapped by a necromancer the brothers world isn't the same anymore. They embark on a dangerous journey to save their godfather and on the side they discover new sides of themselves they never thought possible.

Told from three point of views, the brothers, the story follows all of their struggles in finding their places in the new reality they have to face. The story starts with the youngest brother's, Will's, point of view, as are most parts of the story.
The brothers are easily identified as brothers, sharing similar features and manners, still being entirely different from each other. One is a fantasy-lover with a brain of a potential genius, one a bar-tending ladies man, and one workaholic corporate attorney with a severe caffeine addiction. All of them grow during their journey. Getting physically, and mentally, stronger, finding courage when all hope seems to have fled. It amazed me to realise in the end that with subtle changes throughout the story Layton Green has manage to transform all the characters into better versions of themselves without losing all their original mannerisms.

The plot-line features a bunch of side characters and creatures. I lost count of some of them. I tried writing down all I could remember and the list is long. Some characters are featured so short period of time that you forget about them almost immediately after you turn pages. Some are hanging around the picture long enough for you to remember them if mentioned but not long enough for you to get attached. And then there were the characters that you get to know on a bit more personal level. And, let's not talk about their fate. Not all of them survive alive, and the ones that do, well, hard decisions had to be made.

When I swiped my e-readers screen and the page revealed 'acknowledgements', I couldn't believe my eyes. Let me warn you: there is a minor cliff-hanger in the end. Not too big, but enough for you to want to continue onto the next book.

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