17 Jun 2017

Review: Aversion


You know the feeling you get when you are doing something challenging for the first time? You know you only have one try and you can't fail, or you can but there would be severe consequences. Then you know how Gemma Green felt performing her first aversion. 

Averters are all male-born protectors of humans. They avert humans from bad decisions they are going to make in to future, for example drunk-driving. Then there is Gemma, a girl Averter.  She is the only one, or that's what she is told. While performing her first aversion on the school's tennis star, Russ Tanner, something goes wrong. Instead of passing with flying colours, Gemma fails. The recipient of the aversion isn't supposed to remember that they have been averted but Russ does. And now he can't seem to let go of the idea that Gemma is something to him.

Like all Averters, Gemma is brought up only with the help of her father. Since the mothers are selected beforehand to only raise the baby until it's first birthday, Gemma has no recollection of her mother. Being the only female Averter isn't easy, especially when she isn't brought up in the traditional Averter-way. Her father has been keeping a lot of secrets that are revealed throughout the book.

Being only 133 pages (the Kindle edition) this was a really quick read. Something was always happening, not giving you time to be lulled into comfort of filler-chapters, which is the fault in many longer books. 

What struck me hard was that there wasn't anything extraordinary within the story. There were no 'Blown away' moments or rushing till the end of chapter because you just have to know. It was ordinary, enjoyable, and something light to read in the warm summer breeze.

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