16 Jun 2017

Review: Alpha Grayson


We got to know Lexia's character a bit in the last book Alpha Kaden and with Alpha Grayson we get see even more. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the Alpha series it is based in a world where the land is divided between werewolf packs, which are Power, Wisdom, Loyalty, Love, Freedom, Purity, Passion, Vengeance, Devotion, Discipline and Harmony. Each pack is lead by an Alpha wolf. The series follows the stories of these Alphas and their soulmates(-to-be). Alpha Grayson tells the story of Lexia, a girl originally from the Discipline pack but now resciding in the Vengeance pack. Her only goal is to bring down the pack system and create a leadership position to herself. Little does she no that the Alpha of the Freedom pack is on the hunt for her, as are many others.

Although the Alpha series can be read as standalones but I wouldn't recommend it. They are so tight knit that you would miss crucial information from the realtionships of the side-characters. To be honest, if I hadn't read Alpha Kaden before reading this one, I probably wouldn't have understood the story as well. 

Now into my favourite part: The characters! What would a book be without them? Lexia is a bit different from a typical Werewolf-genre protagonist. She understands the pack laws and knows about the mating process. She's not one of those girls who fall head over heels when she sees Grayson for the first time. There were some situations where her actions didn't fit entirely her character but fortunately those were some minor things. Mostly she keeps her feet on the ground.

Grayson, Grayson, Grayson. His nightly transformation into a ferocious beast is better explained in Alpha Kaden but is, fortunately, mentioned Alpha Grayson too. The book delves more into his curse from another angle, may I say, a more truthful angle. Being the Alpha of Freedom, he is not the most rash or boundary seeking Alpha. Respecting everyone's freedom, sometimes a bit too much, he gives Lexia room to plan her tricks, resulting a few dangerous events.

All in all, I loved Alpha Grayson a lot. There was a thing though, that made me irritated at a times. The book is about Lexia and Graysonm and still there were chapters from the point of views' of other characters. I won't name them since it could be a spoiler, if you're entirely new to this series. But those chapters, especially in the end took the story on detour from the main plot line a bit too much for my liking.

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