10 May 2017

Review: Satan's Son

'' '' Would it kill you to not be sarcastic?'' he snapped with an annoyed expression.''


Addison wanted her life to be worry free. Living in the present, firing her snarky comments. Then in a blink of an eye she finds herself not in her world but in Hell.
Ethan has been protecting Addison since she was a little girl. Being the son of the Devil himself, he has been around Addison without her knowing.

Then the unexpected happens: Ethan finds Addison in hell standing in line for her verdict. And from there begins a journey neither of them could predict.
I've always wondered what a book with a main character who couldn't be serious for one second would be like. Satan's Son gave me the answer. Addison's character was serious altogether almost three pages. The rest of the time she joked around, teased and fired sarcastic comments, interrupting anyone speaking at the moment. For that reason following the dialogue between the characters was sometimes a bit frustrating. To me it felt like, I couldn't get to know her character, her dreams or her ambitions, very well, because her inner dialogue wasn't much different.

The basic concept was good: girl dying, meeting the love of her life and then struggling with the problems her death brought. All the ingredients (tragic beginning, appearance of the love interest, learning to deal with the tragedy, another problem, and solving that) were there, but if you were not careful, you could have missed all of them. The banter between the characters was of the surface all the time, and because of it, you might be fooled and not be able to see past it.

I liked the book a lot, until the ending. The last thirty pages or so felt rushed. There could have been a bit more content there to elaborate the journey and the motivation to get to the ending.

Over all, a great quick read. And just so you know, Satan's Son is live on Amazon now. Go check it out and support the amazing author Simone Elise!

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