17 May 2017

Review: Alpha Kaden


'' Lock your doors, hold them tight. 
Close your windows, every night. 
Don't go out, in case he's there, always live in total fear. 
Even if it means sacrificing your mate, don't let Alpha Kaden seal your fate.''
He steals girls from their beds. No one knows what happens to them, they know one thing though, the identity of the man who takes them. Alpha Kaden, alpha of the vengeance pack. They all fear him, all except a few. Mara is one of those who don't fear him. She has always thought that the rumours and stories concerning alpha Kaden are mostly made up, just to keep people in line. 
Then, she is taken from her bed, and she gets to know what Kaden is like first hand.

Alpha Kaden is based in a world where the werewolf land has been divided to the packs in accordance to what they believe in (power, wisdom, loyalty, love, freedom, purity, passion,
vengeance, devotion, discipline and harmony). Only some of these are mentioned in the book, but the list of them can be found in Midika Crane's first book in the Alpha series - Alpha Landon, which can be found on Wattpad and other platforms. Kaden is the alpha of the Vengeance pack, and name speaks for itself. All the packs have their own traits, their own ways of living, in addition to some physical features like eye or hair colours and accents.

By pure coincidence I had been reading Alpha Landon when I was offered Alpha Kaden. Crane says on her Wattpad site that you don't ave to read Landon before Kaden, they can be read independently, which is true. But if you want to know they background behind a few side characters, reading Landon first will give the book a twist. It also explains the world in a bit more detail.

Mara as character felt realistic in most situations. Sometimes following her heart, sometimes her brain. Kaden on the other hand is a total mystery. He won't show his face nor will he remove his leather gloves. He likes playing his games, holding the strings. 

The greatest aspect was that Alpha Kaden was not what I expected it to be. Yes, there is love and a few mature scenes, but it's not The Main Point. Full of twists you don't see coming and secret riddles. And they all have the same answer.

 Alpha Kaden is now live on Amazon! The complete story is not available on Wattpad anymore.

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