25 Apr 2017

Vacationing must end now! - I'm back.

The new bookshelves! *Sighs of happiness*

Some of you might have noticed that my last post was on March 10th. Such a long time ago, but worry not. I'm back.

To give you the insight of what happened I'll tell you a story.

'' Once upon a time, not so long ago, on an evening in February, there lived two tired over-achiever sisters. They did everything they could, as best as they could and as fast as they could. They were known, they were loved and they were hated. 
On returning home after an stressful day, they noticed their bathroom had started to flood. They water rose and rose. Nothing was stopping it. Not even the sisters.
Their saviour was not a prince on a white stallion, but a plumber in a run-down car. He did everything he could, but the flood won. 
The first rays of sunlight had started to peek from behind the horizon, and the sisters had to flee the flood. 
And so they left. For two months they endured another apartment with its strange inhabitants. 
When the flood stopped, the flooring renewed, and the kitchen reinstalled, the sisters were finally able to return home. ''

And here we are! Finally home. I could've updated while away, but nothing kills your mood better than not sleeping because of your neighbours are night owls and then napping throughout the day.

In my new year's resolution -post, I remember writing  '' the toughest of us might just make it through March'', and apparently I was right. Even though I thought I would've lasted forever. Well, nothing is permanent, not even diamonds. Because of my oh-so-dramatic failure, I've decided to loosen up a bit. One post a week, at least, which will either be a review or something else. We'll see when we'll get there.

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