3 Mar 2017

# The Sick Book

If you're wondering why there was no review on Monday, the reason is a huge scheduling problem. I was supposed to review Cara Brookins' Rise, but I had to prioritise Anaelle Gadeyne's More Than A Slave because of it's launch date on Wednesday. In the end, Gadayne's book's launch date got pushed back to next Wednesday (8.3.) so, this week just got skipped.

We've all been there. Burrowed between blankets, cold sweat on our foreheads and wishing it to be over. And no, we're not talking about the finals. But the sickness.

When sick most of us feel clammy and tired and what not, but there are advantages to being sick. A free day and an opportunity to lounge and read all day. So, even if being sick sucks think books.

I hardly ever get sick but when I do, I'm on the verge of crossing over to death. That happens maybe every other year. I do get a light snuffle every fall or a headache now and then, but nothing too serious that I need to skip school or workdays. That's why the only way for me to get familiar with sicknesses is doing The Sick Book Tag!

DIABETES - a book too sweet, like really sweet.

What Light by Jay Asher. I read this on January, and those of you who have read it too know that it's sweet. Story of Christmases, love, and loss brings you the most bittersweet story I have encountered for a long time.

CHICKEN POX - a book you've read once, and will never pick up again.

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I read this one a couple years back and simply did not enjoy it. Something about the characters and their roles bothered me a lot.

INFLUENZA - a contagious book that spreads like virus.Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Given the years and the books published after ToG, I think now is the time to admit that it has contaminated a huge crowd. Not only the fans of ToG series but other people as well, the newcomers to the world where only Celaena Sardothien gets to keep the 'sass' in the assassin.

THE CYCLE - a book you read every month, year or often.

Relentless by Karen Lynch. I read the entire series again and again and again. Originally, Goodreads recommended them to me years ago and I added them to my TBR shelf and let them sit. I cleaned my GR TBR shelf a year back and decided to hive them a go. And another straight after finishing. And then again. And again when Warrior came out.

INSOMNIA - a book that kept you up all night.
Every book ever. Even if I don't like it. None of them pop out as winner for this category, because staying up late and reading comes like a second nature to me.

AMNESIA - a book that is forgotten and failed to leave a powerful impression in your memory.
These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. I read it and then I forgot the name of the protagonist and what happened in the book. I'm really good at remembering plots, characters, and details, but with this one. Blank space.
ASTHMA - a book that took your breath away.

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. This one robbed not only my breath but my heart too. And then stomped over them while laughing evilly.

MALNUTRITION - a book that lacked food for thought.
Poet of the Wrong Generation by Lonnie Ostrow. This book was so thoroughly thought through that you didn't have to ask any questions since everything was explained to you. When I finished, I just felt content, not curious how the characters' lives continued or what would happen next to them. Nothing.

TRAVEL SICKNESS - a book that took you on a journey through time and space.

Multiversum  by Leonardo Patrignani. I didn't love this one but it definitely took me across time, space, and alternate universes. Some travel sickness could have been detected along the line.

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