22 Feb 2017

Review: Spectra

             ''  Lord, those who die still live in Your presence, their lives change but do not end.  ''


We see what we want see. But before our eyes lies a city full of paranormal, the city of Nachtwelt. They have their own society and laws. They look like us on the outside, but what's inside matters the most.
Spectra helps people to disappear. Her life seems pretty straightforward for an outsider but when stepping into her shoes, one realises that she is much more than a mere human forger. In fact, she isn't a human. And if not a human, then what?

Most of the time I was (positively) confused. The conspiracies presented in the storyline got me distracted from the truth, which was brilliant. Also the fact that you don't get to know Spectra's full story straight from the first page but as bit and pieces along the way. The mystery kept itself alive on every page and paragraph.

Okay, so it's a romance book. conclusion, it contains mature content. But what made me positively surprised, was that the story didn't circle around sex. Sex was only used as way to move the story forward and to enforce the psychological side of it. A lot happened, and a lot happened all the time. There wasn't a dull moment, or even a moment where I could take a breath. Fast paced and brilliantly written.

There are several male characters who are important to the storyline. Three of them are intimately involved with the Spectra, so if you're totally against sharing, I wouldn't recommend this book for you. It didn't bother me at all since polygamists are considered as a somewhat a norm in their society.

Now, the male characters. Hot, possessive, and intense? Yes, yes, and yes. These males live up to the reputation, when they say that boys in books are always better. Except that these are full of testosterone, and desire one thing only, Spectra. Sometimes, it seemed that they all were cut from the same tree, that there was not so much difference in their personalities.In the end, I realised that there were so many individual traits within each of their behaviour that I do not understand how I ever thought they were even close to each other.

What comes to Spectra, she is story of her own. I could write a full book about her history, personality, and secrets, and still not be any closer to the full truth of her story. Let's just say that she is one of the best characters I've met in romance books ever.

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