15 Feb 2017

Review: Reaper's Claim (Satan's Sons MC #1)


''Our story was never a love story. It was more of a cocktail of sorrows mixed with the odd good moment. It was short, it was bitter, and it left a permanent scar on my great; not to mention a bad aftertaste.''

 There's something pulling me towards Motorcycle Club books, specially if there's a love story behind it. I haven't read a lot of them, but from those I've read, this was the best.

 Told from the multiple point of views, Reaper's Claim kidnapped me and held me captive until the last page. Being inside the MC's life and ways felt realistic to me, since my knowledge is based only on the books I've read. And I can't complain about the guys, they just seem to be on fire.

Mostly the story is told by Abby and Reaper, but sometimes you get to see things through a side character's view point. In the beginning of the book changing the point of views was a bit clumsy but after a dozen chapters, it came out smoother and smoother. 

As for the characters themselves. May I just say: Oh dear God. Though the bikers were all 'cut from the same tree', they still got their own personalities and quirks. Abby and her twin Kim both go through a huge evolution in the first quarter of the story, which helped a lot in getting to know them better and getting to know their real personalities in their truest forms. 

A lot happened in the beginning and some scenes felt a bit rushed, but the pace evened out after the first quarter. Still, the pace did not slow down noticeably. More like the focus on the scene was a bit more defined than in the first quarter and went to a deeper level. Actually, it was great to see how the writer developed in her writing throughout the book.

I truly hope there's more books from Simone Elise, because this one was awesome.

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