24 Feb 2017

Read everywhere - literally

When your everyday consists of To Go-coffee cups and quick snacks, there simply isn't time to sit down and read. Fret not! There is an easy solution for this problem and nowadays I live by it. Just read. Anywhere. Anytime.

Here's the three step program:
1. Keep a book with you all the time

It's pretty simple people. If you have a book, physical or e-version, then you can read. No book, no reading. I personally find it easier to have an eReader with at all times, since it's lighter and doesn't  get wet so easy since it's inside covers.

2. Got a break?

Open the book and read. Even if it's a page or a paragraph, read it. While commuting, waiting, walking, or shopping. Let's say you have ten five-minute-breaks throughout the day and instead of scrolling through Instagram you could make from three to five pages progress per break. That means thirty to fifty pages more in a day. Think about that.

3. No excuses

There is no such thing as a too long book or no time for reading. Like step two, you can actually read a lot with a little to no effort. Put that phone down and stop staring at wall. Grab a piece of tattooed dead tree and let your imagination run wild.

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