9 Jan 2017

Review: What Light


'' ''No matter what happens, it's going to be bittersweet.'' ''

How right you were. It turned out to be bitter sweet that I, yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was like train wreck afterwards. And no one even died, uhm, spoiler alert.

Sierra's entire life has been Christmas. Living in a Christmas tree farm and travelling down to California every December is how she's used to spending her holiday season. This year things are different, though. Her parents say it might be their last year, so she has to make the most of it. But what could happen in a month? A lot, and it's oh so bittersweet.

Plot-wise not a lot things happen, the story flows with a calm pace. You get to experience the wonders of Christmas time through a bit different angle, through a family living for Christmas. Not many of us actually live on Christmas tree farms. I recommend to read this around Christmas to get the full effect. I just didn't want to wait for next Christmas.

The chracters important to the plot act like typical teenagers that they are. At some parts I had to question the age they were because suddenly some of them came off a bit too mature. Not that it necessarily didn't fit the particular scene, but they just made a huge leap from how they were in the scene before. 
Most of the characters' backgrounds are well developed but most of them aren't. Which, actually, I liked a lot. Usually I stress the point of backstories and the characters' histories, but it just might be all the Christmas goo all floating around, that made me feel like that it wasn't so relevant.

The settings are just beautiful although I forgot almost on every page that there ain't snow in California. Because, where I come from, we just had our first snow-less Christmas in ten years.

But back to the scenery. The twinkling lights and Christmas trees and peppermint mocha brought up all the best Christmas memories. Such wonderful description of the merry feelings. 

All in all, very happy, very sad, and may I say, very diaphanous.

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