2 Jan 2017

Review: I Was a Bitch

''Oh, old life, how I wish I remembered thee.''


Meet Lacey Amanda Jones, an eighteen-year-old who woke up in a hospital room after a two month coma. Instead of just returning to her old life, she has a mystery to solve and, conveniently, two years of her memory has disappeared. If the missing memory wasn't enough, there are two smoking hot guys with her, the first claiming to be her boyfriend. Who can she trust when everything around her seem to be either speaking half-truths or downright lying.

You start with a blank canvas, Lacey's memory, and begin your journey uncovering the mystery as you read. The reader get's to experience the confusion as Lacey but also get's to see things as an outsider. Sometimes yelling at Lacey for not seeing something so obvious, but actually not so obvious beforehand.

 How the books is written might not be everyone's cup of tea. Written from the point of view of  an eighteen-year-old who thinks she is sixteen. The language is very teen like and so is the flow of thoughst. But I wouldn't want it any other way. The way Lacey's story is written brings authencity to the plot.

I must admit that I fell in love. I really didn't think that would happen, but the things that we say will never happen, actually happen quicker than we can say Quidditch. Slowly at first, then all at once. Who am I talking about? That you have to find out yourselves, and the only way to do that is to read the book. Sorry, but not sorry. All I say is ''He was like a drug that I was slowly becoming addicted to.''

To summarise I Was a Bitch accurately with one sentence, I have to use page 227: ''At least not that I remembered.'' If not for this quote, it would be easy from time to time to forget that there are gaping holes in Lacey's memory.

I've now given you multiple vague quotes and annoying descriptions and I'm quite proud of my evasive tactic of reviewing. ''Honestly, give me freaking Oscar right now people.'' *Takes a bow*

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