20 Jan 2017

Pancakes for breakfast and reading in public

I made pancakes. I never make pancakes, especially not for breakfast. But here I am, eating pancakes and drinking hot chocolate. Usually my breakfast consists of caffeine, sugar and caffeine.

Anyways. You know the feeling when you're reading in public and someone just stares at you? Like shamelessly gapes? Hello, you random! Yes, I'm reading, no, it's not weird.
I read when I'm commuting or waiting for something, so basically everywhere. Whether I'm in a train or in school I'll either have a book or my iPad. And the funny thing is, people gawk at you like they've never seen a person reading. Not that reading was invented before phones and other gadgets. Like it's a miracle that books still exist and someone reads them.

The downside for reading in public is the people surrounding you. Because there usually is the one who thinks that me opening a book is an invitation for them to come and talk to me. NO. A Big No.

The best thing though, is that you get to spy. If you're eavesdropping a conversation by pretending to read and you hear all the juicy details of their drama.

But the best of the best things is the moment when grannies complain that all everyone ever does these days is to stare at their gadgets, and why they don't talk to others or read or anything. And there you are, reading that book and secretly smiling.

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