30 Dec 2016

Some much needed order is on it's way

New Year's Eve is already knocking on the  front door and it's time to make my New Year's resolutions. We all know what happens to those resolutions. They are forgotten after a few weeks and the toughest of us might just make it through March. But this resolution is much needed here on Books Told Me So.

My 2017 New Year's Resolution is to keep my posting schedule orderly and on time. The schedule is going to be like this:

A book review on each Monday.
A post about something else on Friday.

This is the minimum. If I finish more books in a week, then I'll be dropping more reviews, but from now on you can count on that that you have something new to read at least every Monday and Friday.

It actually is quite sensible, now that I'm really thinking about this. Start the week with a book and end it with something (hopefully) fun. 

If you have ideas or requests of what you'd like to see as a Friday post comment below or fire an email to bookstoldmeso@gmail.com.

Happy New Year book lovers!

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