15 Dec 2016

Review: Rules of Survival


“Well, if it comes down to it, you can just crush the bad guys with your enormous ego.”  

 Mikayla, or Kayla, knows how to survive. How to avoid the bounty hunters and kilers who are after her. She has rules. And these rules should not ever be broken. But. The game changes after she gets caught by a pair of bounty hunters and she is whisked away, handcuffed to one of them.

Well, Rules of Survival did not lack speed or anything. Fast paced and eventful, it takes you on a chase across cities. Even if this isn't your genre, the plot will grasp you with.

Althoug the characters are a bit black and white, I think they suit this kind of story the best.

Though the end gives you the satisfaction and finality, I felt that I needed something more. Just something. Still, I recommend this one to be read.

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