24 Nov 2016

What's going on?

That time of the year when you check your Goodreads Reading Challenge and realise you should read two books every day to meet it.

That time of the year when it's so dark outside you want to go into hibernation and wake up in the Spring, but you realise your To Do - list won't allow it.

That time of the year when your motivation has plummeted to subzero and not even Starbuck's Christmas Blend Latte with an extra shot can lift it up.

I'm moving to a new apartment next week with my sister from the Rhythm of the Rush (She writes in Finnish, don't be fooled by the name).

Hi, sis! ☺

The only problem now is the bookshelves.... Voi elämänkevät, as we Finns say. (Oh dear God, remember to add the sigh! or something like that.)

I've now packed all my books to boxes and can happily announce that they fill six large boxes.

Even the packing is not the problem, but the reshelving. Most of you must have reorganised your shelves even once, so you know the torture. I need to buy a new shelf and new books to fill that up.

Too stressful. I just want to get it over with.

Lucky me Jamie's always helping with the cushioning by shedding fur everywhere. Thanks Jamie, you're the best.

Currently reading books:
Lonnie Ostrow, Poet of the Wrong Generation    page 265
Erin Watt, Twisted Palace                                     page 125
Charles Yu, Sorry Please Thank You                    page 39

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