12 Oct 2016

Review: Bully

''Yesterday lasts forever, Tomorrow comes never.''


Not the easiest read this year. The themes are dark and the story teaches a lot. I had to take breaks from reading, before continuing, since this is not a light, happy love story.

After spending an entire year studying in France, Tatum returns home to begin her senior year. She hopes that things have changed, that she wouldn't be bullied again this year. She realises quickly that things have not changed and decides to face the bully. Upping her own game to revenge the past years she balances on the fine line of self-defence and bullying. The thing that makes it all so hurting is that her bully is her childhood friend Jared. The boy she thought she might spend the rest of her life with.

Not a bed-time story. You really get to step into Tate's head and in some parts it's not pretty. The line between bullying and defending herself becomes blurred page by page and it's not something easy to follow close by. I really enjoyed the authenticity of the situations and emotions portrayed.

Though the story-line seems fairly innocent, when you really dive in, it's anything but. Containing the bullying itself and sexual content this is not for young readers. Truly a remarkable book about how bullying can change people's lives.

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