2 Oct 2016

Photographing Books Should Be an Olympic Sport

Try to get your pet in the picture! If he/she isn't a fan of cameras,
you might end up with something like this.
Ever wonder how those bookstagrammers and pinners, and the lot, take those wonderful pictures? Are they just naturally talented or do they hire a professional? Or what?

I'm not a professional myself, and my Instagram tends to be a bit messy, but I can tell you a few tips and tricks when it comes to taking fabulous pictures!


What and where. Pick the book and put it in place. When considering the place, take note of light: is there enough or too much. Too little light can affect the quality of the picture and too much light makes objects shine. Consider also that are you taking it for or against the source of light. Pictures taken against light tend to have the halo and silhouette elements.

I tried to get my cat's front-paws to the left side of the picture,
but Jamie had a different opinion...

Knick and knack. Want to add little objects, like Autumn leaves or a cup of coffee? Those can be seen almost on every book-photo channel, right? Makes sure that the object you choose compliment the main object, in this case the book, and preferably relate to the book. For example, a wand for Harry Potter books.


Perspective. High above or close-up? Depending of the other features of the picture. If you have a lot of light and objects then a close-up might get too crowded. Take from several angles, and then decide which one looks the best. The end result will be different in each picture since the light will be coming from a different direction and different sides of everything will be shown.


Filters and other photoshopping features. Adding filters change the mood of the photo. Changing the balance of light and contrast or increasing the colour saturation will make it more or less dramatic than the original.


Make it yours. Be a trendsetter. Or just do it your way. Have a blast!

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