11 Oct 2016

Review: the Patriots of Mars

''Curiosity really might kill you.''


Confused is a word that comes to mind when thinking back to my experience of reading the Patriots of Mars. There were the Patriots, there was politics and scientific gadgets and all those other sci-fi bizarre things. The thing that I can't wrap my mind around is that when did the actual action start? Page 200 or was it 300?

The story is told from multiple point of views and introducing new characters without actually introducing them. That element was what I actually learned to like afterwards, not during reading. You don't get to know much of the characters, but still get enough information to know what's going on. The story spins around politics and artificial intelligence ''MOM''. MOM knows everything and controls it according to her calculations of what is for the best for mankind. She is much more than just a computer, she is a being of sorts that no one can control. 

Now you're probably wondering 'Hey, what about the Martians?' Uhhuh, they're there. Natural resources have run out on Earth and are mined from Mars. Running the operations are big companies, and doing the actual mining are immigrants from Earth. There also is a boy called Josh, can I say, the protagonist of the story and the first person ever born on Mars. What's his role in the whole book, that's is what you're going to find out way after the middle of the book.

In my first paragraph I wondered when did the action start in the book. I should warn you, you need patience for this book. You need to be able to read about 100 pages before anything even remotely makes sense and then another hundred to start to enjoy the story. For you sci-fi fans out there, I know that you might disagree with me on this, and feel free to do it! 

I really liked the fact that the Patriots of Mars didn't fall into a the usual pattern of Problem-Problem-Arguing-Back Together-Let's Conquer the World - caste. The words flowed and descriptions felt real. I really do recommend this book, even though if you are not a huge science-fiction fan, go, pick it up and try it!

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