1 Sep 2016

Review: Melody's Key

I'm having a really, really bad habit of finishing books during classes. Someday I might embarrass myself really badly, if I don't get out of this habit.

In books, there are two kind of clichés: The good ones and the awful ones. They're sorted into those classes by the plot, and what works in one book may just be the doom of a another. These sweet 'good' clichés were the best thing in Melody's Key. A summer romance, English countryside, handsome, world-known popstar, and love letters from a hundred years back. These made it perfect.


Tegan Lockwood's story is about love and loss. About trusting yourself and that everything happens for a reason. And when there's no reasonable explanation for something, you're going to realise it later on. Tegan is sweet, hardworking, and definitely a dreamer. Spending her evenings reading old love letters in their attic, and tending the gardens of her family's holiday estate during days in the idyllic English countryside. But then, a popstar literally pops in to spend the summer at their place. What neither Tegan or Mason, the pop star, knows is, that they might just find what they're both looking for in the backwoods of England. 

All the characters are well developed and the plot was well tied. I couldn't find any obvious loose ends or cutting the corners. The letters were missing in some point, and I really missed them being a bit more tied to the plot, but in the end it may not have made any difference if they were mentioned three more times in the middle. 

Definitely if you haven't already started reading Melody's Key or you have, but didn't know, go check out the songs written in the book. They can be found on Dallas Coryell's Youtube page! They give an extra kick to the story. I found them after reading and now everything that was crystal clear and made sense, makes even more sense.

Definitely worth reading, and even though it's a summer romance, it can be read all year around, since the book is just so lovable.

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