21 Sep 2016

Review: Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

''Like I said... the prologue is the best part.''


Just like a bittersweet memory from your childhood, this book makes you do the sad smile. There's no helping it. Aidan and Clare's story makes you think of your first crush or relationship. The sweet times, when we thought that life was perfect.

If you're looking for character development, you won't find it in Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between. The characters are good, if you're wondering, but they are not made to fit into a certain mold. The reader can/must fill many gaps. Which was one of favourite things in this book.

Since we're talking about Jennifer E. Smith's book it's obvious, to those who have read more of her books, how this books is going to end. I wouldn't say that the predictability lowers the quality of the book too much.

You get to follow the story from the first hello to the last goodbye. All the stops in between, the things that matter. The things that made Aidan and Clare's relationship theirs.

A perfect read for Fall and Winter. A book to curl up with, with a hot beverage and warm fuzzy socks. ☕

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